How to Get From Honolulu Airport to Aulani a Disney Resort Spa

Lose yourself in the enchanting journey from Honolulu Airport to Aulani, a Disney Resort Spa, and discover the perfect transportation options awaiting you.

Embarking from Honolulu Airport to Aulani, a Disney Resort Spa, is akin to setting off on a carefully orchestrated journey. As you step off the plane onto the Hawaiian soil, the question of how to seamlessly shift to the resort lingers in your mind.

Let’s unravel the various transportation options, guiding you through the process quickly and efficiently.

Transportation Options Available

When arriving at Honolulu Airport, various transportation options await to whisk you away to Aulani, a Disney Resort Spa. If you’re looking for a shared ride, Hele Hele Shuttle Service offers a convenient and fixed-price shuttle to the resort, allowing you to sit back and relax after your flight.

For a touch of luxury, Platinum Limousine Service provides private car service for a more upscale journey to Aulani Resort. If you prefer a quicker and more direct transfer, taxis, Uber, or Lyft are readily available at the airport to take you straight to your destination.

On a budget? TheBus, Oahu’s local bus system, offers a wallet-friendly option for traveling to the resort while experiencing the local island life.

Additionally, if you desire the freedom to explore Oahu at your own pace, car rental services are conveniently located at Honolulu Airport and Aulani Resort, allowing you to venture out and discover the island on your terms.

Car Rentals at Honolulu Airport

Consider exploring the car rental options available at the airport for convenient and flexible transportation from Honolulu Airport to Aulani Resort.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Preferred Partners: Enterprise, Alamo, and National are Honolulu Airport’s recommended car rental companies.
  2. Booking Options: You can easily book a car rental online for a seamless experience. If you prefer assistance, please call (808) 676-5924.
  3. Flexibility and Comfort: Enjoy the freedom to explore the island at your own pace with the comfort and convenience of a rental car.
  4. Popular Choice: Car rentals are a popular option among travelers heading to Aulani Resort due to great rates and the variety of locations offered by the rental services at Honolulu Airport.

Whether you want the freedom to explore Oahu on your terms or prefer the convenience of having your transportation to Aulani, renting a car at Honolulu Airport provides a hassle-free solution for your travel needs.

Parking Facilities at the Airport

Consider utilizing the parking facilities available at Aulani Resort to guarantee a hassle-free experience during your stay. When parking at Aulani Resort, you have the option of self-parking or valet services, catering to both overnight guests and day guests. Overnight guests can choose between self-parking or valet for $40 per day, while Disney Vacation Club Members enjoy complimentary self-parking for up to 2 vehicles. Day guests have the flexibility of valet parking at $40 per day or self-parking at $15 for the first hour and $5 for every half hour after that. Aulani Resort provides on-site parking, valet services, and electric vehicle charging stations for eco-conscious travelers. The resort guarantees accessibility with clear signage for designated accessible parking spots and wheelchair-accessible shuttle services, making it convenient for all guests. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is secure while you immerse yourself in the magic of Aulani Resort.

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Parking OptionRates
Overnight Self-Parking$40/day
Overnight Valet Parking$40/day
DVC Member Self-ParkingFree for two vehicles
Day Guest Self-Parking$15 for 1st hour, $5/half hr
Day Guest Valet Parking$40/day

Shuttle Services to Aulani

Explore convenient shuttle services from Honolulu Airport to Aulani Resort for a seamless, stress-free journey.

  1. Hele Shuttle: Hele Hele Shuttle offers a shared shuttle service from Honolulu Airport to Aulani Resort, providing an affordable and convenient option for transportation.
  2. Platinum Limousine Services: For those seeking luxury, Platinum Limousine Services offers private car service to Aulani Resort, ensuring a comfortable and stylish ride.
  3. Taxis: Taxis are readily available at Honolulu Airport for direct transportation to Aulani Resort, offering a quick and efficient way to reach your destination.
  4. Beyond Aulani: It’s important to note that shuttle services from the airport to Aulani Resort aren’t available for locations beyond the resort. However, services like Hele Hele Shuttle can efficiently get you to the Disney Resort.

Choose the transportation option that best suits your needs and enjoy the hassle-free journey to Aulani Resort!

Taxi Service Information

When arriving at Honolulu Airport, taxis offer a convenient and direct transportation option to reach Aulani Resort. Charleys Taxi Service is ready to provide quick drop-off services at the Aulani Marina, making your journey hassle-free.

Whether planning early morning activities like sunrise snorkeling trips or simply seeking a comfortable and direct ride to your destination, taxi services are an ideal choice. With taxis, you can enjoy a swift and efficient journey from the airport to Aulani, ensuring you have more time to relax and partake in the resort’s many offerings.

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Say goodbye to waiting around for shuttles or maneuvering public transportation routes – taxis offer you the freedom to travel at your convenience. Next time you land at Honolulu Airport, consider the ease and comfort of using a taxi to transport you directly to the enchanting Aulani Resort.

Public Transportation Routes

Exploring bus options and shuttle services is a great start if you’re looking for cost-effective ways to travel between Honolulu Airport and Aulani Resort.

TheBus, Oahu’s local bus system, offers convenient stops near the resort entrance for travelers seeking public transportation.

Bus Options

Getting your way from Honolulu Airport to Aulani Resort is easy with TheBus’ local bus system, which offers convenient public transportation routes. Here are some key points to help you navigate the bus options:

  1. Bus Stops: Bus stops near the resort entrance provide easy access to public transportation.
  2. Route Information: Obtain details on local bus routes for effective journey planning.
  3. Discounted Passes: Look out for discounted public transportation passes to save on travel costs.
  4. Walking Distance: Bus stops within walking distance ensure hassle-free access to bus services.

Shuttle Services

Making your way from Honolulu Airport to Aulani Resort is a breeze with the Hele Hele Shuttle, a convenient shared shuttle service offering fixed-price transportation options. The Hele Hele Shuttle provides a cost-effective and reliable way to travel between the airport and the resort, ensuring convenience for your journey. Public transportation routes near the Aulani Resort entrance offer easy access to and from the airport. Consider using TheBus local bus system, which stops conveniently close to the resort, as an affordable public transportation alternative. Whether you prefer the shared shuttle service or public transportation, both options present convenient ways to reach Aulani Resort from Honolulu Airport.

Shuttle ServiceHele Hele Shuttle
TransportationShared Shuttle
LocationHonolulu AirportAulani Resort
BenefitsCost-effective, Reliable, ConvenientPublic Transportation Routes

Guest Services Assistance

Guest Services at Aulani stands ready to assist you in arranging transportation from Honolulu Airport to the resort, offering a range of convenient options tailored to your needs. Here’s how they can help:

  1. Shuttle Services: Guest Services can provide information on shuttle services like Speedi Shuttle and Hele Hele Shuttle for a cost-effective and hassle-free airport transfer experience.
  2. Private Car Options: If you prefer more personalized transportation, inquire about the private car options Aulani’s Guest Services team recommends.
  3. Taxi Services: For a quick and direct ride to the resort, they can help you find taxi services that suit your schedule.
  4. Luxury Transportation: If you seek luxury transportation for a special occasion or a comfortable journey, Guest Services can recommend upscale options within your budget.
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Whether you’re looking to book in advance or need guidance based on your preferences and budget, Aulani’s Guest Services ensures a smooth and enjoyable arrival at the resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Taxi From the Airport to Aulani?

A taxi ride from the airport to Aulani, a Disney Resort Spa, typically costs around $70-$90. This option provides a direct and comfortable way to reach your destination.

How Far Is Aulani Disney Resort From the Airport?

To get to Aulani Disney Resort from the airport, consider shuttle services, rental cars, or taxis. The resort is 17 miles away, so plan for a smooth airport transfer. Explore various transportation options for convenience.

Is There Uber at Aulani?

You won’t find Uber at Aulani. Explore other options like taxis, car rentals, or shuttle services for transportation. Inquire with the resort for help arranging airport transfers or local taxi services. Enjoy your journey!

Do You Need a Car at Aulani?

You don’t need a car at Aulani. With shuttle services, public transport, and walkable areas, exploring is a breeze. Skip car rentals and enjoy resort amenities, beach access, local attractions, and nearby restaurants hassle-free.


In summary, the various transportation options make getting from Honolulu Airport to Aulani, a Disney Resort Spa, a breeze.

Whether you rent a car, hop on a shuttle, take a taxi, or ride TheBus, you’ll be on your way to paradise in no time.

So, don’t hesitate to explore all the convenient ways to reach your dream vacation destination – endless possibilities!