Hilo Hideaways Discover Top Vacation Rentals on Hawaiis Big Island

Hilo Hideaways offer top vacation rentals on Hawaii's Big Island, providing a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure for your next getaway.

Step into paradise at Hilo Hideaways on Hawaii's Big Island, where you'll find top vacation rentals that offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Imagine a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom Hawaiian sanctuary boasting 1,720 sq ft of space, a private backyard, and a fully equipped kitchen for your convenience. With proximity to Akaka Falls and Volcanoes National Park, this hideaway is ideal for those seeking outdoor wonders. Discover more about the amenities, nearby attractions, and guest reviews that make these rentals truly exceptional.

Property Overview & Amenities

Discover the Hawaiian Hideaway in Hilo, a charming 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom vacation rental boasting 1,720 sq ft of space just 2 miles from Hilo Bay. This cozy home offers an open floor plan, ideal for relaxation and socializing. Enjoy the convenience of free WiFi to stay connected and a window A/C unit for your comfort. Step outside to the private backyard, perfect for a morning coffee or evening unwind. The property features exterior stairs for easy access and a living room with a TV on the main floor for entertainment.

Safety is a priority at this rental, with essential features such as a carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and first aid kit provided for your peace of mind. Additionally, guests will appreciate the walkable location, allowing for easy exploration of Hilo and its attractions.

Please note that guests are responsible for any damages incurred during their stay, and extra-person charges may apply according to the property policy. Enjoy a safe and comfortable stay at this lovely Hawaiian Hideaway in Hilo.

Location Highlights & Nearby Attractions

Nestled in the heart of Hilo, Hawaii, are a plethora of enchanting attractions and remarkable highlights awaiting your exploration. When you stay at the Richardsons Beach Park House by Hawaii Life Vacations, you're in close proximity to stunning natural wonders like Akaka Falls and the awe-inspiring Volcanoes National Park. After a day of adventure, unwind in the hot tub at your Hilo vacation home, which boasts a comfortable King Bed for restful nights.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture, a visit to the Black Sand Lagoon Centre is a must. This unique spot offers insight into the island's diverse marine life and geological features. Additionally, the property's great location allows for easy access to extended stays, giving you ample time to explore nearby attractions like Rainbow Falls, Coconut Island Park, and Carlsmith Beach Park.

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Whether you seek outdoor adventures or a relaxing getaway, this Hilo vacation rental provides the perfect base for your Hawaiian escapades.

Accommodation Details & Layout

Within this Hilo vacation rental, you'll find a well-appointed layout that includes 1 bedroom, 1 bonus room, and 2 baths, accommodating up to 6 guests comfortably. The property offers a variety of bed options, including 1 King, 1 Queen, and 1 Sofa-Sleeper (Queen), ensuring a good night's rest for everyone.

When it comes to meal preparation, guests can take advantage of the full kitchen equipped with all the necessary cooking utensils for convenience during their stay. Additionally, the central outdoor lanai gathering space provides an ideal spot for relaxation and socializing, offering a perfect retreat after a day of exploring the wonders of Hilo, Hawaii.

Managed by Hawaii Life Rentals, you can expect responsive services, local assistance, and positive guest feedback, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable vacation experience.

  1. Bed Options: 1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Sofa-Sleeper (Queen)
  2. Kitchen Amenities: Fully equipped for convenient meal preparation
  3. Outdoor Lanai: Ideal for relaxation and socializing.

Booking Information & Rates

Wondering how to secure your booking and explore the rates for vacation rentals in Hilo? When it comes to booking a vacation rental in Hilo, rates can vary significantly, ranging from $500 to $20,000, catering to different budget preferences. The total price you'll pay for your stay will be determined by factors such as the property you choose and the specific dates of your reservation. These rentals often come with a variety of amenities, including access to waterfront areas, swimming pools, and barbecue grills. To secure your booking, be prepared to provide government-issued identification and a credit card deposit for any incidental charges that may occur during your stay. Cash and debit card options for deposits may also be available, depending on the rental property's policies.

Booking InformationRatesAmenities
Government-issued ID$500 – $20,000Waterfront Access
Credit Card DepositTotal Price VariesSwimming Pools
Incidental ChargesBarbecue Grills

Guest Reviews & Testimonials

To get a detailed insight into the vacation rental experience in Hilo, let's now shift our focus to the thoughts and experiences shared by guests in their reviews and testimonials.

  • 12 out of 29 reviews rated the property as excellent, with guests praising the spacious and unique layout that added a special touch to their stay.
  • 9 out of 29 reviews rated the property as good, highlighting the tranquil ambiance of this quiet oasis nestled in the lush rainforest surroundings.
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Guests appreciated the cleanliness and well-equipped amenities of the property, making their stay comfortable and convenient.

The positive feedback emphasized the beautiful and unique stay experience provided by the rental, with responsive management standing out for promptly addressing any maintenance concerns. The blend of a serene environment, distinctive layout, and attentive service left guests impressed and satisfied, making their vacation in Hilo truly memorable.

Transportation Options & Accessibility

When staying at vacation rentals in Hilo, you'll find convenient car rental options to explore nearby attractions. The location of these rentals allows easy access to amenities and popular sights on the Big Island.

Shuttle services and private transportation can also be arranged to enhance your stay in Hilo.

Accessible Transport Choices

Curious about the accessible transportation options available in Hilo for your vacation getaway on Hawaii's Big Island? Here are some choices to ponder:

  1. Car Rentals: Opt for the flexibility of a rental car to explore Hilo and its surroundings at your own pace.
  2. Shuttle Services: Convenient shuttle services provide easy access to vacation rentals, making your arrival and departure hassle-free.
  3. Taxi Services and Rideshare Apps: For quick and efficient travel within Hilo, contemplate using local taxi services or rideshare apps for convenient transportation options.

With these varied options, getting around Hilo to enjoy the top vacation rentals, attractions, and amenities is a breeze. Choose the mode of transport that suits your preferences and enjoy your stay on Hawaii's Big Island.

Location Proximity to Amenities

Considering your vacation in Hilo and the ease of getting around, the location of Hawaiian Hideaway w/ Yard offers convenient proximity to various amenities and transportation options.

Situated 2 miles from Hilo Bay, this vacation rental in Hawaiian Paradise Park provides easy access to beaches, shops, and dining options in Keaau and Pahoa. Transportation choices like rental cars, taxis, and rideshare services are readily available for guests to explore the area.

Just a 20-minute drive southeast of Hilo, the property allows quick access to city attractions. Additionally, the vicinity's closeness to swimming and snorkeling spots offers guests the chance to enjoy water adventures near the vacation rental.

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Privacy Policies & Data Protection

When booking your vacation rental, it's essential to understand how your personal information is handled. Privacy policies and data protection make sure that your details are kept safe and confidential throughout your stay.

Look for rentals that comply with data protection laws and employ secure measures to protect your privacy.

Data Security Measures

In order to safeguard your personal information while staying at vacation rental properties in Hilo, rigorous data security measures are in place, including strict adherence to privacy policies and robust data protection protocols. When booking your stay, you can rest assured knowing that your data security is a top priority.

Here are some key measures in place:

  1. Verification Process: Expect to provide government-issued photo identification and a credit card deposit for incidental charges during check-in.
  2. No Onsite Parties: Remember that onsite parties or group events aren't allowed, ensuring a peaceful environment for all guests.
  3. Safety Features: Enjoy safety features like carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and first aid kits for added peace of mind.

Privacy Policy Compliance

By emphasizing privacy policy adherence and strong data protection measures, Hawaii Life Rentals guarantees the secure handling of your personal information during your stay at Hilo hideaways.

All properties managed by Hawaii Life Rentals comply with privacy policies and data protection regulations, ensuring that your personal information is handled securely in accordance with privacy laws. Sensitive data, including credit card information, is protected through encryption, and best practices are followed to safeguard guest data from unauthorized access.

You can enjoy your time at Hilo hideaways with peace of mind, knowing that your privacy is respected and protected. Hawaii Life Rentals prioritizes guest data protection to provide a secure and worry-free experience during your stay.


As you unwind in your private hideaway on Hawaii's Big Island, you'll feel like you've discovered a hidden gem in paradise. Just like the island's stunning landscapes, our vacation rentals offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So why wait? Book your stay with Hilo Hideaways today and experience the beauty and serenity of Hawaii like never before. Paradise awaits you!