Guide to Getting Around Maui Without a Car

Missing your car on Maui? Discover how to effortlessly explore the island without one, and uncover hidden gems along the way.

If you’re worried about getting around Maui without a car, rest assured that the island offers a range of transportation options to suit your needs. From convenient bus routes to shuttle services and even cycling or walking paths, exploring the island without a car can be an exciting and eco-friendly way to discover this tropical paradise.

Whether you’re looking to visit hidden waterfalls, pristine beaches, or vibrant towns, there are many ways to experience Maui’s beauty without needing a personal vehicle. Discover how you can effortlessly traverse the island and uncover its hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Public Bus Options on Maui

Are you exploring Maui without a car? Discover the convenience and affordability of the Maui public bus system, offering routes to key destinations across the island. With fares as low as $2 for a one-way trip and $4 for a day pass, the Maui Bus provides an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers looking to navigate the island.

The main bus terminal at Queen Kaahumanu Center is a central hub for transferring between different routes, making it easy to reach places like Lahaina, Wailuku, Haiku, and Kula.

For those wanting to explore off-the-beaten-path locations, designated bus routes from the main terminal can take you to specific areas like Paia, Upcountry, Kihei, and even the airport. And if you’re an avid cyclist, buses equipped with bike racks offer a seamless transportation option for your two-wheeled adventures around Maui.

Shuttle Services for Convenient Travel

If you want to expand your travel options beyond the Maui public bus system, consider taking advantage of the convenient shuttle services available for seamless transportation around the island.

  1. Resort Shuttle Services: Many resorts in Maui offer free shuttle services for their guests, making it easy to move between accommodations and popular attractions.
  2. Kaanapali Trolley: The Kaanapali Trolley provides convenient transportation between critical locations in Kaanapali, allowing you to explore the area without a car.
  3. Public Beach Access: Resorts often provide public beach access with free parking lots nearby, making it hassle-free for visitors to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Maui without worrying about transportation.

These shuttle services enhance mobility and provide an excellent way to explore the island’s beauty at your own pace.

For additional transportation options, taxis and rideshare services are readily available in the main towns of Maui, allowing you to travel wherever and whenever you desire.

Taxis and Rideshare in Maui

Getting around Maui without a car becomes more convenient with the availability of taxis and rideshare services, offering flexible transportation options for exploring the island. While taxis on Maui can be expensive, starting at around $3.50 with a $3 increase per mile, popular companies like Kihei Taxi, Lahaina Taxi, and West Maui Taxi provide reliable services.

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For a more cost-effective alternative, Uber and Lyft operate on the island, catering to your transportation needs. Whether arriving at Kahului Airport or needing a ride to different parts of Maui, taxis, and rideshares are readily available.

Remember that taxi services may charge additional fees for luggage, waiting time, and tolls, so it’s wise to inquire about the total costs upfront. With these options, you can easily navigate Maui without needing a car, enjoying the freedom to explore this beautiful island at your own pace.

Exploring Maui by Cycling and Walking

Ready to pedal your way through Maui’s stunning landscapes and charming towns? Get ready for an overview of the best cycling routes.

Highlights of picturesque walking trails and essential safety tips for your exploration adventure are also included.

Let’s plunge into the world of cycling and walking on Maui!

Cycling Routes Overview

Begin on a journey through Maui’s diverse landscapes by exploring its enchanting cycling routes, offering a mix of coastal paths, mountain trails, and scenic roads for enthusiasts of all levels. When in Maui, you can thus into the following cycling highlights:

  1. West Maui Loop: Start on a thrilling ride along this coastal route, witnessing stunning ocean views and lush landscapes.
  2. Hana Highway: Challenge yourself with twists and turns through tropical rainforests and cascading waterfalls on this iconic road.
  3. Upcountry: Experience the beauty of Maui’s countryside with rolling hills and panoramic vistas, perfect for a leisurely ride or a more intense cycling adventure.

Don’t forget to check out bike rental shops in areas like Lahaina to get the perfect wheels for your Maui cycling escapades.

Walking Trails Highlights

Begin on a journey through Maui’s picturesque landscapes by exploring the enchanting walking trails that offer a serene way to experience the island’s natural beauty.

Paved coastal trails in Ka’anapali, Kapalua, and Wailea provide scenic walking routes along the ocean, allowing you to soak in stunning views. These pedestrian-friendly paths also grant easy access to explore resort areas, while coastal towns like Lahaina and Kihei offer sidewalks bordering main roads for strolls.

If you prefer a more urban setting, downtown Pa’ia and Makawao boast walkable streets that are perfect for discovering local shops and restaurants. Embrace the freedom to explore Maui at your own pace without a car, immersing yourself in the island’s beauty through its diverse walking trails.

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Safety Tips for Exploring

When exploring Maui by cycling and walking, prioritize safety with these essential tips to confirm a smooth and enjoyable experience amidst the island’s stunning landscapes.

  1. Utilize designated bike lanes to verify safety and prevent accidents while cycling in Maui.
  2. Walk facing oncoming traffic if sidewalks are unavailable to enhance visibility to drivers.
  3. Enhance visibility by wearing bright or reflective clothing, especially during low-light conditions.

Remember to carry water and sunscreen to stay hydrated and protected from the sun while exploring Maui County on foot or by bike. Stay vigilant, obey traffic rules, and make the most of your adventure, whether using the bus service or for a stroll.

Guided Tours for Seamless Exploration

Begin on guided tours across Maui for a seamless exploration experience without the hassle of needing a car. These tours offer convenient transportation to popular attractions such as the breathtaking sunrise at Haleakala, the adventurous Road to Hana, or even thrilling helicopter rides.

One of the perks of guided tours is the pick-up and drop-off service provided by your accommodations, securing you time and stress. Expert guides accompany you, enriching your journey with their insights and local knowledge, making the experience both educational and immersive.

Whether you’re a solo traveler or with a group, these guided tours cater to various preferences and ensure a smooth exploration of Maui’s beauty. So sit back, relax, and let the experts take the wheel while you focus on soaking in the stunning landscapes and cultural wonders this island paradise offers.

Ferries to Nearby Islands

Are you looking to explore other islands from Maui?

Unfortunately, ferries aren’t an option for inter-island travel in Hawaii.

Instead, flights are the way to go between Maui and islands like Oahu or Kauai.

Island Hopping Options

Exploring the waters between Maui and neighboring islands for your island-hopping adventure involves exploring various ferry services or opting for convenient inter-island flights. When planning your trip, contemplate the following options:

  1. Inter-Island Flights: These flights are the primary mode of transportation between Maui and neighboring islands for quick and efficient travel.
  2. Expeditions Lanai: This ferry service offers trips between Maui and Lanai, providing a scenic journey between the islands.
  3. Molokai Princess: If you’re looking to visit Molokai from Maui, the Molokai Princess ferry ride is a convenient option to contemplate for your island-hopping experience.
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Choose the best option based on your preferences and schedule to make the most of your island-hopping adventure without a car.

Ferry Schedules & Rates

Ferry schedules and rates for trips to nearby islands from Maui provide essential information for planning your inter-island travel experience. Expeditions Ferry offers daily trips between Lahaina Harbor in Maui and Manele Harbor in Lanai. Rates can vary between $30 to $60 per person each way, depending on the destination. The ferry ride between Maui and Lanai typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour, offering scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Remember that schedules might change due to demand and weather, so checking beforehand is wise. Below is a table summarizing the ferry schedules and rates for trips between Maui and Lanai:

DestinationDeparture PointRates
LanaiLahaina Harbor$30 – $60

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Travel in Maui Without a Car?

Yes, you can travel to Maui without a car. Public transportation, biking options, walking trails, rental scooters, shuttle services, and car-sharing programs offer convenient ways to explore the island, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Are There Ubers in Maui, Hawaii?

Yes, there are Ubers in Maui, Hawaii. You can easily access public transportation, taxi services, bike rentals, shuttles, walking tours, and carpooling options. For your convenience, Uber operates in popular areas like Lahaina, Kihei, and Kaanapali.

How Do People Get Around Maui?

To get around Maui without a car, you can rely on public transportation, bike rentals, walking trails, shuttle services, carpooling options, and electric scooters. These options offer flexibility and convenience for exploring the island.

Is It Worth Driving Around Maui?

Driving around Maui offers the flexibility to explore diverse regions, visit remote spots, and tailor your adventure. Enjoy scenic routes, but be aware of traffic and limited parking. Consider eco-friendly and alternative transportation options for a well-rounded Maui experience.


As you wrap up your car-free adventure on Maui, remember that getting around without a car can be a breeze with the proper planning. The possibilities are endless, whether you hop on a bus, catch a shuttle, or pedal through the island.

So don’t stress about not having a car – sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride like a chill surfer dude catching a gnarly wave. Aloha, and happy exploring!